Aggregate Page


This page shows an aggregate, which can be an attribute value or a sub value of the other aggregate.
The type of aggregate is given in the EXPRESS style on the top section of the window. Types of an aggregate may be: BAG, SET, LIST or ARRAY. Operations and views for each aggregate type are a little bit different.
All members of the ageragate are given on the middle section of the window.  Keywords 'UNSET' are given for not set members of the ARRAY type aggregates.
A new value may be entered into the field on the bottom section of the window.  A new value from this field will be added to the selected position by pressing 'Add' button.
'Get' button is used for SDAI clipboard operations. With 'Get' button you can get selected element and with 'Add' button assign a new element. 'Remove' button will remove the selected element.