General Remarks

Common Toolbar


A common toolbar is given for all pages of the application.
The Forward and the backward buttons represent browsing capability. Both of them have sub menu where you can select previously visited pages.
The new button creates new SdaiEdit application which will share some general data (session) between one or more SdaiEdit applications and will allow you to work on them in parallel.
The go button proceeds to the page of the selected item (as double click does).
The screen may be refreshed to display the actual data with refresh button.
The Copy all button copies all contents of the page data as a textual representation to the system clipboard.
The actual location of the displayed page (repository/model/extent/instance) is also given in the common toolbar.

Find Operation


The 'Find' operation is available on all lists and tables. After you press ctrl+f, enter a preferred text and press OK button, you will jump to the line that contains the entered text (both 'GREEK' and 'greek' are treated as the same text). If represented text is not found, the message box informing on this will appear. Searching starts from the current position (selected line) and ends at the last line. To select other occurrence of the text you've asked, press f3 to continue the search operation. This will not show the Find input box, but will search for the same text automatically.