Class LateBindingReader

  extended byjsdai.lang.JsdaiLangAccessor
      extended byjsdai.xml.SdaiXmlReader
          extended byjsdai.xml.InstanceReader
              extended byjsdai.xml.LateBindingReader
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LateBindingReader
extends InstanceReader

This class is an ISO 10303-28 Edition 1 late binding representation reader. It can be used to create XML in late binding from JSDAI population.

Constructor Summary
          Creates the late binding reader.
Method Summary
 void setFeature(java.lang.String name, boolean value)
          Sets the state of the feature for this LateBindingReader.
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Constructor Detail


public LateBindingReader()
Creates the late binding reader.

Method Detail


public void setFeature(java.lang.String name,
                       boolean value)
Sets the state of the feature for this LateBindingReader. It recognizes all features supported by InstanceReader.setFeature(java.lang.String, boolean). In addition the following features are recognized:
If true, the schema of entity or defined type is added as optional <schema_name> attribute to <entity_instance>, <partial_entity_instance>, and <type_literal> elements. The default value is false.

Specified by:
setFeature in interface org.xml.sax.XMLReader
setFeature in class InstanceReader
name - The feature name, see the list above for recognized features.
value - The true or false value.

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