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Last update: 2003-08-05

Installation of JavaTM 2 SDK and JSDAITM for application development

Table of contents:

Install JavaTM 2 SDK

To develop and run JSDAI applications, Java 2 Software Development Kit needs to be installed on the target computer.

System requirements:

These packages can be downloaded from .

Follow Java 2 SDK v1.4.x installation instructions:

Automatic JSDAITM installation

JSDAITM and the JSDAI applications come with an automatic installation procedure. Follow the instructions on the screen to install JSDAI and JSDAI Applications.

Notes for MS Windows users: With the installation of JSDK, two copies of JRE are installed: one in JSDK directory, another in c:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.4.1\ directory. Automatic JSDAITM installation procedures detect both copies of the JRE and suggest to install the programs in the JSDK runtime directory or JRE directory. For the software development JSDAI is to be installed in JSDK runtime directory. System PATH variable is to be changed in such a way, that the path to JSDK directory were the first one in the PATH variable.

Now JSDAITM is ready to run. You can try out by launching JSDAI Applications: which are now installed in LKSoft-JSDAI directory.

Manual installation instructions for JSDAI 4.0.0

Only JSDAI kernel, constituting of JSDAI runtime and JSDAI environment can be installed manually. All applications such as SdaiEdit and STEP-Book can only be installed through the automatic installation procedure.
Before JSDAI installation, Java 2 SDK need to be installed on the target computer.

Testing the installation of the core JSDAI

Developing Programs

Assume on MS Windows system the automatic installation goes to the directory c:\Program Files\LKSoft-JSDAI\. Then you can:
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